How to fake being stylish with Instagram (and never have to decide what to wear again!)

Don’t let this post title fool you. I’m still not a fashion and beauty blogger. And I never will be.

But I like to look nice. And I’m on Instagram. And I’ve found the two things are mutually beneficial. I’ve found that I  can almost pretend to be stylish! (Even without relying on my 5yo stylist.)

Want to know how? Here are my two approaches to using Instagram to help me look stylish.


I follow a bunch of seriously stylish fashionista type people (official term).

I don’t want to be them. I just like looking at them. Fashion can be like a work of art sometimes. And I don’t get art; I don’t understand it. I just know what I like when I see it.

A lot of these seriously stylish fashionista type people host style dares and challenges. Usually, they release a list of prompts for a month. You then play along, wearing something each day that is inspired by the prompt for the day.

I love playing along with these dares and challenges. And I’m going to let you in on a secret: I like playing along with more than one AT THE SAME TIME.

Sound tricky? It’s exactly the opposite. Say one prompt is ‘maxi’. This narrows my wardrobe considerably – in fact, it gives me a choice of five dresses, two of which are too dressy for everyday wear. Once I add in ‘denim’ and ‘sporty’, my outfit has been decided for me, with no effort whatsoever.


Here are some more examples:

Style challenges cheat

Prompts, L-R: monochrome, cardigan and blue; dress, belt and soft; odd colour combo, boots and hat.

#pinspiration #pinspired

I love whoever came up with these hashtags. Last month, when my fave style challenge compiler took a month off, I wasn’t sure what to do. Who would decide what I should wear every day? ME?! Ha! Not likely.

So I decided to be ‘inspired’ by the seriously stylish fashionista type people that I follow on Instagram. Not just by their general style and knowledge, but by specific outfits.

Got it yet? ‘Inspired’ is code for ‘copied’. I copied them. Completely copied them. (With the restriction that all items had to come from my existing wardrobe. I’m a woman on a budget.)

Some outfits were an almost spot-on match.

#pinspiration same same

Pinspirational Instagrammers, L-R: @thefrenchexperiment; @myfashionable40s; @soniastyling

Some outfits sparked actual style inspiration (whodathunk?), so I matched silhouettes, patterns and/or colours instead.

#pinspiration same but different

Pinspirational Instagrammers, L-R: @emptyneststyle; @redcliffestyle

And it was a whole lotta fun. Enough fun to make this style-related post seem like a good idea.

Who even am I anymore?


Are you a style-free fake fashionista like me? Do you have any tips to share?


  1. says

    Yes, but I would argue you have to have a good wardrobe to start with :-) My wardrobe is rather limited! You look fabulous x Also, can you please teach me how to pose for photos? I’m hopeless!

    • Emily says

      Ah, yes the wardrobe helps. I’m someone who doesn’t buy something unless I love it from the first second I put it on. And nope – I just stand there feeling like a doofus, so no posing tips from me!

    • Emily says

      Thank you! That was a definite fave for the month. More faves came after I wrote this post – oh well!

    • Emily says

      Thanks Jenni! I’m 18(ish) months into #everydaystyle, and am constantly surprised by how much fun I’m having.

  2. says

    I love your everydaystyle pics on Insta. I don’t think I could ever fake being fashionable even with challenges lol because my wardrobe consists of denim jeans or shorts + printed tees 95% of the time I do fake having a clean house pretty well on Instagram though lol.

    • Emily says

      Haha, love it! Sibling love is another good pretend one. (My kids DO get along most of the time, but sheesh, when they don’t… )

  3. says

    I love seeing your style posts Em! I’m no fashion blogger either – and I only follow a few that I really like (or are local Adeladies like me). I remember reading a quote somewhere “dress like you’re being photographed for a blog” – I can’t quite achieve this yet with a 4 month old + 3 year old – I’m totally rocking the mum casual look!

    • Emily says

      That’s my motto! Well, not exactly. But a few years ago I was stopped in the street and asked if I’d participate in a photo and interview for a newspaper story, and I was SO embarrassed by what I was wearing. So now I try to dress so that if anyone saw me or photographed me, I wouldn’t mind. (And for the record, I LOVE the mum casual look!)

  4. says

    You do the style pics well – I just don’t know how I can do this. I don’t do the ‘hand on the hip’ thing well. I can’t seem to do the’ casual and coy looking down at feet’ look either (plus I really do need some new shoes). I could do the modelling of active wear I guess, but there are so many more who do it better. What about a ‘post hot yoga class stylishly red and sweaty’ look. Or maybe an “I’m rushing to work and just threw on the first thing I could find that didn’t look dirty’ look. Sighs.

    • Emily says

      I love ALL of these ideas. (And I don’t pose well either. My daughter snaps a few pics and I pick the least awful.)

  5. says

    I can see how it could grow into something enjoyable. Sadly I’m far too fat to think about appearing (on purpose) before a camera at the moment, but I wish I’d done something similar when I was only a bit fat! I think it would have built my confidence!

  6. says

    Wow I didn’t even know those hashtags existed – that’s how unaware I am of anything relating to fashion anymore. I have my “mummy outfit” I go to when I step outside of these four walls. But I’m realising 1.when did I become one of those mums who had a safe outfit, and go to outfit is slowly losing its coolness. Ok I’m going to check these hashtags out now and get some ideas.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Bron! I’ve still got a few pics, and yours is one of them. So get ready for a tag next time I do it!

  7. Kit@lifethroughthehaze says

    I am not sure if I will be stylish but I have got a gorgeous new outfit to wear that I got for my birthday! Promise to take a photo when I wear it.

  8. says

    I also love Instagram and got a bit stuck on choosing hashtags at the very beginning. I really wanted to be authentic in what my hashtags said about my photos and this caused me to pause every time. I think #everydaystyle is perfect for you.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Annette! Hashtags are so tricky. There are so many. Am I using the right ones? Am I using too many? Am I overthinking it? Will the world stop turning if I use the wrong hashtag?

    • Emily says

      True! I might end up copying a look that was a copy of someone else that was a copy of someone else that was a copy of me! #pinception

    • Emily says

      Thanks Amy! I feel that same envy. But just a smidge – it’s not all-encompassing because it’s not close to being a passion.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Nikki! And thank you so much for sharing the post further. Lots of new followers! You’re a very generous blogger.

  9. says

    Just love your style. I’ve teamed up with Almost Posh for my latest style challenge which kicks off today. Not sure I will ever look so confident and stylish in front of the camera like you though.

    • Emily says

      Thank you! This is just what 18 months of pics. Scroll back to my first ones. All the awkward. Loving your style challenge!

  10. says

    You do stylish very well Em! I can’t believe you pulled those looks off so well from items in your own wardrobe – that’s a talent in itself. I like how you’ve made it all look so simple and easy – I’m definitely going to be up for some more challenges now I know how it’s done! #iBot

    • Emily says

      Thank you Jo! Of course, I tended to choose looks I thought I could recreate. If I had other people picking looks at random, it would have been a lot more difficult.

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