2016’s greatest hits


It is nearly the end of December. It is nearly the end of December. One more time for the people up the back: IT IS NEARLY THE END OF DECEMBER. Holy cow. What a year, huh? The world went nuts. NUTS. Satirists and comedians had a great ...

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The week my six-year-old was my stylist


My daughter is a little fashionista. She constantly asks to choose my outfits. I have let her do so before, in January of this year and in August of last year. So after weeks (months) of saying, "Soon, soon," I had to let her at it again. Last ...

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Reflecting on 2015


Warning: self-indulgence ahead. Still here? Fabulous! But don't say I didn't warn you. This time last year, I reflected on the year that was. My 'greatest hits' of the year, by month, in reverse order. And it was a lovely way to round out the ...

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The week my five-year-old was my stylist


My daughter is a little fashionista. This will come as no surprise to those of you who follow me on Instagram. She loves mixing and matching colours, prints and textures. Each night before her bath, she pulls her clothes from the wardrobe, lays ...

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Why I’m not a fashion and beauty blogger


Okay, everyone who knows me: stop laughing. Seriously, you NEED to stop laughing. I know it's obvious why I wouldn't be a fashion blogger. I KNOW. But I've been asked the question. More than once. (I KNOW. Stop laughing already!) I like to look ...

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Top web reads of February


Welcome to the end of February, and another top web reads of the month post. I've read a lot more this month, which probably had a lot to do with co-hosting the Weekend Rewind and reading all 102 posts linked up that week! There's a lot to get ...

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Why I participate in #everydaystyle


I ain't no fashion blogger.Seriously. I have one style. Straightforward. Choose a top, choose pants that match (or at least don't clash), choose shoes, throw on a coat (usually - I'm a Melburnian, after all) and walk out the door.Sometimes - ...

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