Sibling rivalry


My kids will compete about anything. ANYTHING. And everything. EVERYTHING. I did some research of the Facebook variety ('research', if you prefer), and it seems my kids are not alone in this. Kids will compete over who is first to click ...

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I thought a thought


I thought a thought, an interesting thought, So I put it out into the world. I nodded my head, and turned away, And the nastiness unfurled.   Someone else thought a thought about my thought, And put it out into the world. They ...

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Why I blog


Why do I blog? Why do I type my thoughts on a screen, then press publish and send them out into the wide, wide world of the world wide web? That's a big question. It's too hard to answer that question in that form. So I'm going to simplify ...

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O Australia Fair


Image source (used with permission)   Australia O Australia The country fair In which a white man Took the lectern Faced a national audience And called for silence and respect To tell an innocent black man that he was not that ...

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Youse pedants are gonna love this post


I was recently discussing pronouns with a close friend. (Don't you just wish you were my friend? Constant conversational parties around here. PRONOUNS. WOOT.) It started with a discussion of gender-neutral third person singular pronouns - ...

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Oh, the Blogs You’ll Blog!


Congratulations! You've started a blog. You're ready to web-schmooze and work like a dog! You have brains in your head, and a bum on your chair. You can steer your blog any direction you care. You're at your computer, and you know the ...

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Mirror, Mirror

Image source - used with permission

  Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest one of all? Who is the wisest? Who is most kind? Who listens to others? Who speaks their mind? Who thinks that all their life's learning is done? Who knows their learning has just ...

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  I don't want to be over; Then I've too much on my plate. I don't want to be under; Then I've too much time to wait. I've got to find the balance, Got to walk the tightrope straight.   That balance isn't easy; What suits ...

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