Amazing Daddy – Rachel Bright (book review)


Community service announcement: there are just two weeks and two days until Father's Day. (In Australia.) Earlier this week, I shared some of the presents we've already gotten my husband. (It's okay. No spoiler alert. He already knows.) But ...

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International Book Giving Day giveaway!


Happy Valentine's Day, lovers. And happy International Book Giving Day, book lovers! I'm back for the 2016 edition of my International Book Giving Day giveaway. And I'm super duper excited about the books I've selected this ...

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Rudie Nudie – Emma Quay (book review)


A little over two years ago, I shared our family's favourite books. The top twelve. The shining lights in our library. The list hasn't changed much since then. It's just grown. We'd now have to add The Worst Princess, The Magic Faraway Tree ...

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