Why I blog


Why do I blog? Why do I type my thoughts on a screen, then press publish and send them out into the wide, wide world of the world wide web? That's a big question. It's too hard to answer that question in that form. So I'm going to simplify it. Why do I write? Ah, that's easier. Here ...

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O Australia Fair


Image source (used with permission)   Australia O Australia The country fair In which a white man Took the lectern Faced a national audience And called for silence and respect To tell an innocent black man that he was not that ...

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Amazing Daddy – Rachel Bright (book review)


Community service announcement: there are just two weeks and two days until Father's Day. (In Australia.) Earlier this week, I shared some of the presents we've already gotten my husband. (It's okay. No spoiler alert. He already knows.) But ...

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Father’s Day simplified


This post is sponsored by Bright Star Kids. Last month, I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day. After careful deliberation, he turned to me and said one word. "Socks." I waited for him to elaborate, whether to add to the list of things ...

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Top web reads of July


Bye July! I won't miss you. Don't get me wrong. We've had some fun this month. But I've been fighting this chest infection since June. I've had antibiotics. More than once. I've had bedrest. As much as I can. I've tried to take care of myself. ...

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Stepping milestones


Today is an important day for me. It's not a birthday. It's not an anniversary. I don't have any exciting plans for today. I'm not launching anything. I don't have an announcement to make, a revelation to share or even a particularly brilliant ...

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This post is sponsored by Vividwireless. Remember earlier this week ? When I went on and on (and on and on) about my internet connection? Well, I’m still excited. It got me thinking about how far we’ve come with technology. I mean, seriously. ...

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When internet woes become internet woohoos


This post is sponsored by Vividwireless. Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to internet connection issues. Long-term readers may remember I had a patchy connection for more than a month last year. I mentioned it here. And on Facebook. More than once. ...

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The Dangerous Bride – Lee Kofman (book review)


Quite some time ago, author Lee Kofman contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing her book, The Dangerous Bride. A book that, in her own words, 'tells the story of my misadventures in trying to be non-monogamous in the context of my ...

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Work/life balance/juggle/ebb-and-flow

Image source

Image source I'm living a bit of a conundrum at the moment. I recently(ish) decided I was sick of working from home. I was sick of feeling like I should be with the kids when I'm working, and I was just as sick of feeling like I should be ...

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Top web reads of June


June 2016. Highs and lows. More highs than lows, and I'd list them all here, but I'm flat. Two of the biggest energy-sapping, mood-destroying lows have happened since Monday, and I. Just. Can't. Be. Up. Right. Now. On that cheery note, let's jump ...

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