Top web reads of May


What a month! Mother's Day. My birthday. Preparation for the birthday shenanigans of a certain little Miss. Budget night. Ongoing budget comms. End of financial year prep. Eurovision. Musicals. MADNESS. But madness of the happy-fun-life-is-pretty-sweet variety. Here's what I read on the ...

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The kindness of strangers – part two


Two and a half years ago, I took the kids into the city to see the Myer Christmas windows. They were excited. Well, my then three-year-old daughter was - at eight months old, my son didn't really care about our destination. He was just happy to be ...

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Neologism. I love that word. What does it mean? I'll let the Macquarie Dictionary take it from here: neologism noun 1. a new word or phrase. 2. the introduction or use of new words, or new senses of words. 3. a new doctrine. So why am I talking ...

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Top web reads of April


Nobody panic, but it's the last day of April already. IT'S THE LAST DAY OF APRIL. ALREADY. Holy time machine, Batman. We've had a lovely month. School holidays, little man's birthday, school shenanigans, birthday parties and the ...

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Youse pedants are gonna love this post


I was recently discussing pronouns with a close friend. (Don't you just wish you were my friend? Constant conversational parties around here. PRONOUNS. WOOT.) It started with a discussion of gender-neutral third person singular pronouns - ...

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You’re doing grief wrong


"You're doing grief wrong." No-one has ever said this to me. Not directly. And I hope that no-one has ever said it to you, either. But I have a question for those of you who have grieved: have you ever felt like this is what others are ...

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Blogging for blogging’s sake


It's weird, that post title. Blogging for blogging's sake. It's completely open to interpretation. You can read it negatively: it could mean that you're just showing up because that's what's expected. Punching in, publishing a new post, punching ...

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