The Fence – Meredith Jaffe (book review)


I was in a bit of a book-reading funk earlier this year. I'm not sure what put me there. Perhaps I read a few stinkers in a row; perhaps I was in a funk myself, and therefore any task to which I turned my hand (or eyes) became funky by ...

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The Dangerous Bride – Lee Kofman (book review)


Quite some time ago, author Lee Kofman contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing her book, The Dangerous Bride. A book that, in her own words, 'tells the story of my misadventures in trying to be non-monogamous in the context of my ...

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International Book Giving Day giveaway!


Happy Valentine's Day, lovers. And happy International Book Giving Day, book lovers! I'm back for the 2016 edition of my International Book Giving Day giveaway. And I'm super duper excited about the books I've selected this ...

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The Distant Hours – Kate Morton (book review)


Six years ago, a dear friend of mine (let's call her Lisa) bought me a book for my birthday. Back then, my preference was crime, biography, other non-fiction and short stories. So when I first unwrapped The Distant Hours, which was not only ...

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Boy, Lost – Kristina Olsson (book review)


In August, I went to the Bendigo Writers Festival and had a wonderful time. I thought I would enjoy it and get a bit from it, but my expectations were exceeded. Twice over. One of the sessions I attended was titled On Grieving. As someone who has ...

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