Toddler music group – bear songs

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It's been a long time between music group programs. But they're finally back! (Confused? Not sure what I mean by music group program? Start here. Then come back... Welcome back!) This time around, I'm sharing a music group program about bears. ...

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Toddler music group – the body


Welcome to another toddler music group post! What's that you say? If you're not sure what that means, or would like to know how to host a toddler music group, start here. Last month I presented a program with farm songs (and maybe you presented ...

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Toddler music group – farm songs


Last month, I wrote about hosting a music group for toddlers. That post outlined all the things to think about before starting. And now, it's time for the fun posts: the actual music group programs! Without further ado, I'm going to dive into ...

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How to host music group for toddlers


Every Wednesday morning, I host a music group for toddlers at my house. I willingly invite babies, toddlers, children and their parents into my house to sing songs for half an hour, have some morning tea, play for a while, then leave in a ...

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