Sibling rivalry


My kids will compete about anything. ANYTHING. And everything. EVERYTHING. I did some research of the Facebook variety ('research', if you prefer), and it seems my kids are not alone in this. Kids will compete over who is first to click ...

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Photos of my family


Can you do me a favour? Can you please pretend I've written a lovely, heart-warming introduction to this post? Perhaps it would be something about the importance of family photos and capturing your family as the kids grow older. Perhaps something ...

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Interview with my children


Two  years ago, I brought you Interview with a toddler. Last year, I shook things up with Interview with a pre-schooler (the dad edition). This year, I interviewed both of my children. At the same time. There were laughs. There was lots of talk ...

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The week my six-year-old was my stylist


My daughter is a little fashionista. She constantly asks to choose my outfits. I have let her do so before, in January of this year and in August of last year. So after weeks (months) of saying, "Soon, soon," I had to let her at it again. Last ...

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Father’s Day simplified


This post is sponsored by Bright Star Kids. Last month, I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day. After careful deliberation, he turned to me and said one word. "Socks." I waited for him to elaborate, whether to add to the list of things ...

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Stepping milestones


Today is an important day for me. It's not a birthday. It's not an anniversary. I don't have any exciting plans for today. I'm not launching anything. I don't have an announcement to make, a revelation to share or even a particularly brilliant ...

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