Interview with my children

Two  years ago, I brought you Interview with a toddler. Last year, I shook things up with Interview with a pre-schooler (the dad edition).

This year, I interviewed both of my children. At the same time.

There were laughs. There was lots of talk of going to the movies. (I may or may not have conducted this interview during the school holidays. We may or may not have gone to the movies the day prior.) And there was lots of talk of water. I don’t know why.

Here it is. Enjoy!


What is the best thing about having me as your mum?

6yo: We get to go to the movies!
3yo: Going to the movies!

What is the worst thing about having me as your mum?

6yo: Mmmmm, you yell at us sometimes if we’re really naughty.
3yo: Water!

What’s mummy’s worst habit?

6yo: I don’t know. Nothing.
3yo: Water!

What’s mummy’s best habit?

6yo: Playing with us and going to the park with us and doing something special with us!
3yo: Going to the park and taking water and drinking water! Water!

What do you admire about mummy?

6yo: She loves us!
3yo: Um… calling dad!

Why do you love mummy?

6yo: She’s special to us!
3yo: Yeah, you’re special to us!

What do you like about being a kid?

3yo: Being a kid is so much fun.
6yo: Yeah, it’s so fun! Because we get to go to school and ballet.
3yo: Not me.
6yo: Oops. Yeah, just me. But you get to spend all day with mum.
3yo: (considers this) Okay.

What do you dislike about being a kid?

3yo: I don’t like being a kid when I’m sad.
6yo: I don’t like scary dreams.
3yo: Oh, yuck. I’ll have scary dreams tonight. Mummy, can you sleep cuddle me?

What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?

6yo: Special stuff!

Like what?

6yo: Anything that’s special! Like going to Inflatable World! LET’S GO TO INFLATABLE WORLD! (jumps up and down)
3yo: Special stuff! Like going to the movies and drinking water!

What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?

3yo: TACOS!
6yo: Pizza. Tacos. Sausages.

Why is mummy lucky to have you as her children?

3yo: Because we’re special.
6yo: Because she loves us and we’re the best kids in the world!

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your mummy?

6yo: We love you, mummy!
3yo: We love you, mummy!
6yo: We want to give you a cuddle!
3yo: No, I do!
6yo: We both can!
3yo: NO! ME!


Have you interviewed your children? How would they answer these questions?


  1. Hugzilla says

    HAHAHHAHHAHAHAH! Seriously though, you and that water habit… We need to talk. Consider this an intervention.

  2. says

    Love this so much! They are awesome kids aren’t they? Love the responses!! This is another great reason to have a blog!! You have a family story place.. well, some of them anyway. I have a few hundred little vids of our grandkids taken over the course of the years we cared for them at our place and when I see them I am immediately struck by the honesty of kids. Mind you I try not to watch them when I am missing them!!

  3. says

    lol interviewing a 3 yr old is hilarious. Well at least now you know how to give your children an awesome day: movies, inflatable world, taco’s, cuddles in bed ….. and lots of water!

    • Emily says

      He has always gotten incredibly upset when his drink bottle runs out of water in the middle of the night. Now I really know how important water is to him!

  4. says

    Very cute! There’s a lot of water going on…hope it doesn’t mean any toilet misses 😀
    Love seeing how much they’ve grown, Em. I remember when you were still pregnant with Mr 3 :)

    • Emily says

      Haha! No toilet misses (touch wood), but thank you! And yes – I still remember pregnancy too. Far too vividly, in fact!

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