I thought a thought

I thought a thought, an interesting thought,
So I put it out into the world.

I nodded my head, and turned away,
And the nastiness unfurled.


Someone else thought a thought about my thought,
And put it out into the world.

They issued a coded call to arms,
And abuse was suddenly hurled.

Hundreds and thousands of comments were shared,
Some measured; some angry and cruel.

The language was varied, the message the same:
I’d broken an unwritten rule.

If I’m to share my thoughts in this world,
They must adhere to the norm.

I must follow the leaders, the kings and queens,
I must worship, obey, conform.


I thought a thought, an interesting thought,
That I was too scared to share.

I kept it inside, where it could hide,
And no-one could see it there.


I kept it inside, and tried to pretend,
That I didn’t really care.


I witnessed some pretty awful behaviour on the weekend. I hope I never see anything like it again.

For Lisa x  #idratherbeme


  1. says

    Well done Em.
    I only heard about all this yesterday. I’ve kept quiet so many times online because of this exact reason; anything that’s not considered ‘normal,’ is wrong, but who decides what normal in the first place?

    • Emily says

      Oh, wow! Not that I want to make people cry, but I didn’t think it was that powerful. Thank you. Yes – hopefully I’m never inspired to write something like this again.

  2. says

    You have such a way with words Em. I’m totally envious. And totally agree with it. I’ve only just caught up with the happenings, glad I missed it really. No one needs that nor deserves that in their life.

    • Emily says

      So glad my final point is clear. Is it better to keep things inside? I don’t think so. Our discussions just need to mature. x

  3. Michele McDonald says

    There seems to be a lot of negativity going around at the moment! Loved the poem and am going to put it up at work.

    Thank you Em and wishes for only good comments in the future!!

    • Emily says

      Thank you! This wasn’t inspired by direct experience, but sometimes witnessing something happen to someone else can hit you almost as hard. x

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