2016’s greatest hits


It is nearly the end of December. It is nearly the end of December. One more time for the people up the back: IT IS NEARLY THE END OF DECEMBER. Holy cow. What a year, huh? The world went nuts. NUTS. Satirists and comedians had a great ...

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Interview with my children


Two  years ago, I brought you Interview with a toddler. Last year, I shook things up with Interview with a pre-schooler (the dad edition). This year, I interviewed both of my children. At the same time. There were laughs. There was lots of talk ...

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Top web reads of July


Bye July! I won't miss you. Don't get me wrong. We've had some fun this month. But I've been fighting this chest infection since June. I've had antibiotics. More than once. I've had bedrest. As much as I can. I've tried to take care of myself. ...

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Toddler music group – bear songs

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It's been a long time between music group programs. But they're finally back! (Confused? Not sure what I mean by music group program? Start here. Then come back... Welcome back!) This time around, I'm sharing a music group program about bears. ...

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Top web reads of March


March. Finally, things slowed down a little. But mostly because we were sick. The kids got sick. My husband got sick. I had a migraine knock me out of contention for an entire weekend. Basically, we were forced to slow down. Things picked ...

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Family quirks


I've been slack on the blog lately. Some of it's been work. Some of it's been life. But most of it's been ... sigh ... something ... else? I can't concentrate. Social issues are getting me fired up, particularly when they're close to home. ...

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Top web reads of September


September 2015. The month of no internet. Not quite. But almost. We were without a connection for almost three weeks, and even now, our connection is patchy. I know it's a #firstworldproblem, but gee whiz, it's a mightily annoying one! Especially ...

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