The week my six-year-old was my stylist

My daughter is a little fashionista.

She constantly asks to choose my outfits. I have let her do so before, in January of this year and in August of last year. So after weeks (months) of saying, “Soon, soon,” I had to let her at it again.

Last week (the first week of school holidays in Victoria), she had full control of my wardrobe and outfit selection, from head to toe.


Here’s what she chose.

Monday. My daughter rescued this top from an op shop donation bag that has been sitting in our front hallway for an embarrassingly long time, and paired it with a favourite skirt.


My daughter loves this skirt. It featured the last time she was boss of my wardrobe, when she also paired it with a (different) green top. I quite like this outfit, but I don’t like the fit of the top. It’s now back in the donation bag, so should make it to a charity shop in about six months’ time.

Tuesday. Blue, blue, blue and blue, topped off with a bit more blue.


My daughter also chose this skirt last time. (I’m sensing a pattern here…) Instead of pairing it with a tee as she did in January, she hunted down all of the cobalt blue tops my wardrobe had to offer, and matched them with navy tights and my navy boots. While not as interesting as some of the outfits she chose for me last year, I was still quite uncomfortable in this head-to-toe blue creation, and happy to get out of it at the end of the day.

Wednesday. A gorgeous Leona Edmiston dress with a black cardi and spotty shoes.


My daughter loves this dress. She has good taste! I loved this outfit, and it was perfect for an overcast Melbourne day, with just enough colour and white among the black to keep it fun.

Thursday. Blue, blue and a bit more blue. Again.


I think my daughter likes blue. Actually, I think I’m the one who likes blue, and so my wardrobe doesn’t give her too many other options! I adored this outfit, and will wear it again and again (although I will probably swap the blue boots for tan to break up all that blue).

Friday. You guessed it – blue, blue and a bit more blue. Again again.


Yep, we’ve definitely got a thing for blue. I really can’t blame my daughter – after all, we didn’t go shopping for these items. This is just my wardrobe! I love this dress and felt very comfortable all day, although again would swap the boots for a contrasting colour next time.

Saturday. Goodbye blue! And hello stripes.


Having selected many (but not all) of the blue items in my wardrobe already, on Saturday my daughter moved to another favourite: stripes. In the past, she would have matched this with spots, checks and all manner of patterns. But this time, she left the stripes to stand on their own. Lovely and simple.

Sunday. Black, black, black and black.


I must admit that I did not see this coming. After bright colours and patterns all week, the last thing I thought my daughter would choose for me on the final day of styling was an all black ensemble. But she did, and here it is! I love this dress, and wear it regularly, but would normally add a colour or a pattern somewhere in there.

And that’s it! That’s what I wore the week my six-year-old was my stylist. No pants; only dresses and skirts. Usually a dominant colour to tie the outfit together.

And a whole lotta fun.


Thank you to my gorgeous girl!


Would you ever let your child(ren) dress you for a week? Or a day? What would they dress you in?


  1. Hugzilla says

    God this girl puts me to shame… I absolutely ADORE that first little green combo. Nailed it. I mean, everything else kicked ass as well but that green one rocked.

  2. says

    What a hoot! I am totally in love with that stripy dress, by the way. Love love love. My daughter is 10 and often asks to style me… but she doesn’t have so many nice bright clothes to choose from. She’s actually made me a lot more girly that I was before she was born. Will give her a bit more leeway.

    This post will be such a lovely memory for you guys, a real moment in time to enjoy forever.

    • says

      Thanks! That stripey dress was from Philosophy – Ali sent it to me as an extra when I won a giveaway. I love it too! Suggest contacting @ali_lennard on Instagram if you’d like one.

  3. says

    She is such a clever little thing. I love Thursdays style, but honestly they all look great. You could put anything on and look fab. I have a feeling my three year old is turning into a mini stylist. She wants to choose my earrings every day. She always goes for the big and bold ones and I have to talk her into something a little less out there :)

  4. says

    Well she’s got a beautiful model to work with ;). Your daughter has great style – I’d love to do this with my daughter but I’m afraid I’d be stuck wearing my wedding dress or the Elsa dress-up costume I picked up at Kmart… she’s not too keen on the whole ‘smart casual’ dress code, it’s go GLAM or go home!
    #teamIBOT xx

    • says

      Nawwww, thank you! She does have great style. She takes just as much care with her own outfit selections. Meanwhile, I’d love to see Elsa McD on Instagram!

    • says

      The first week we did this, I couldn’t believe how normal all my outfits were! Until the very last day. Luckily, we didn’t have plans that day.

  5. says

    She did such a fabulous job! My wardrobe is predominantly blue, grey, black and stripes so I think she’d have fun styling me. How much does she charge per week? As for your littlest munchkin, surely it must be his turn soon? :)

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