Why I’m not a fashion and beauty blogger

Okay, everyone who knows me: stop laughing. Seriously, you NEED to stop laughing. I know it’s obvious why I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger. I KNOW.

But I’ve been asked the question. More than once. (I KNOW. Stop laughing already!)

I like to look presentable. And I participate in Nikki from Styling You‘s #everydaystyle on Instagram (and here’s why), which could possibly make some people think that fashion and style are among my main interests.

They’re not. Like I said, I like to look presentable. I have also noticed that if I make more of an effort with what I wear, I make more of an effort about everything. I plan outings and achieve more because ‘I can’t go out looking like this’ and ‘I’m having a lazy day’ just aren’t excuses anymore.

But I am absolutely not a fashion and beauty blogger. So, to avoid any confusion, here are just some of the reasons why. (And why I admire anyone and everyone who is one, because I’m completely clueless!)

1. This is my entire make-up collection.


No exaggeration. Tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and mascara. Unless I’m going to a party, they stay in the cupboard.

2. Despite only owning three items of make-up, it takes me half an hour to apply it.

And most of this time is spent removing what I’ve applied because I’ve stuffed it up, or I think it looks too heavy!

3. I can do two things with my hair.

I can straighten my hair like a pro. I can put it in a ponytail like nobody’s business. If I’m feeling creative, I might straighten it and THEN put it in a ponytail. But that’s the extent of my hair-fashioning talents.

4. I don’t know the correct names for fashion trends.


Some people call the dress on the left a hi-lo dress. I call it a mullet dress. Some people call the middle outfit layering. I call it essential for living in Melbourne. Some people call the outfit on the right print mixing. I call it laundry day. (I also call it discovering that you’ve outgrown your former work wardrobe – literally and metaphorically – five years and two kids after you last used it.)

5. I don’t understand most fashion trends.

Denim pants with knit waist and cuffs? Don’t understand. Pants with a homeboy-style crutch around the knees? Don’t understand.

No offense if you wear these trends. I’ve seen people rock them, and thought for a split second that I could rock them too. Then I’ve remembered that NO. No, I can’t. Just no.

6. I don’t stick to what I say.

Things I have said include:

– “I just don’t get printed pants.”
– “I’ve never liked chambray and I can’t see myself wearing it.”
– “Maxi dresses don’t suit me because of my stumpy legs.”


So stay tuned. I’ll probably be wearing drop-crutch denim pants with knit waist and cuffs next week.

7. My four-year-old daughter is more stylish than me.


She has chosen her own outfits since she learnt the word ‘no’. And to top it off, she poses better than me too! But I’ll let you see that for yourself below.

8. I rarely accessorise.

I’m a fiddler by nature, so necklaces, dangly earrings and anything else I can play with all day are out. I do, however, have an extensive hat collection. But it’s less to do with fashion and more to do with hiding the bad hair days or making my hair a little more interesting (see point three above).


9. Posing doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’ll let the pics prove this. (I’ll even include a pic in which my daughter ‘improved’ my outfit with a necklace, wand and tiara.)


There you have it. Just some of the many, many, MANY reasons I’m not a fashion and beauty blogger.

But I follow many that I admire. And you can too. Here are some of my faves:

Styling YouRedcliffe StyleSonia StylingFox in FlatsKimba LikesSmagglePretty ChuffedStyle and Shenanigans

(And please, if you’re a fashion blogger, leave your details below or hit me up on Instagram. There are many I like to visit, and sorry if I left you out, but these were the ones that sprang to mind first.)

Are you a fashion and beauty blogger? Which fashion blogs are your favourites?


  1. says

    You might not be a fashion blogger but maybe you’re more of an accidental style blogger, and a very good one at that. You always look just the ticket. I have the same hair repetoire as you, I just don’t have as many hats to hide under on the Bad Hair Days!

    • says

      Thanks Sammie! I love my hats. I counted them and was proud of myself for only having eight. But then I started counting the caps and beanies… I have far more than eight!

  2. says

    I’m trying my hand at accessorising lately, because my friend and I bought a massive bag of scarves at a thrift shop! We are also doing a makeup course soon just for fun but no- I’m no style or fashion blogger either! I think you have more style than you give yourself credit for Em!

    • says

      Ooh, nice! I like the idea of scarves, and I try them every now and then, but they end up annoying me. The fidgeter in me has a field day.

  3. says

    Well I love your #everydaystyle photos. I love that you’re always laughing, your gorgeous little girl makes regular appearances and it’s clear you’re just having fun with it. Which, for me, is exactly what fashion is all about. x

    • says

      Thanks Sonia. That means a lot. I’m glad all the fashion bloggers are taking this post the right way – not as a dig at fashion blogging (not even close), but as an admission that I just find it all too hard!

  4. says

    I tried to do my own fashion thing the other year (Bright Mondays – wearing something bright to overcome Mondayitis lol) but then I realised that I would have to take selfies and have a variety of clothes, rather than the same 2 things. So yeah, I like the idea, but it wasn’t useful for me as a blogger!!

  5. says

    Love your style! I could have written a very similar post. I was referred to as a fashion blogger this week. I may have once again rolled my eyes. It’s not that fashion bloggers in my eyes have a bad rap, it’s just not me. It’s also a small percentage of what actually hits my blog these days, the style challenges.

    • says

      That’s it. Fashion blogging is great. It’s just not something I feel I can do well. At all. And I have more interesting things to write about. Like grammar. WAAAY more interesting. Ahem.

  6. says

    Bahaha, this had me laughing Em! Just the other day I must have seen one of your pics and wondered whether I should start doing the everyday style thing but then I realised I could take one photo and use the same one everyday. I live in my mum uniform of jeans and t-shirt.
    I think you so brilliantly Em!

  7. says

    Oh you’re too funny Em – I love how you’ve embraced #everydaystyle for what it is – a way for us to be motivated to think about our outfit for the day. When we prioritise ourselves just a little it makes a big difference to our day and those around us during that day!

    • says

      Thanks Wendy! No intro needed – long-time follower and fan on IG. I’m jealous not just of the looks you put together, but your pic backgrounds! Is that seriously your backyard?!

  8. says

    I love this so much! You are so hilarious and realistic and that is what I love about you. Ps my makeup collection is literally 1 x foundation, 1 x mascara and many, many bright lipsticks, so I will certainly never be a beauty blogger either! Thank you for the mention too x

  9. says

    Oh Em! I love your honesty and humour. I love seeing your #everydaystyle outfits on Instagram because they’re real and they suit you and your lifestyle.
    I am so bad at remembering to get my husband to take photos of my outfits so I can share them, and most of the time when I do ask I get an eye-roll and a ‘but we’re already running late’ in response. I think if I ever want to consistently participate I think I need to get it together in the mornings so I have time for a quick photo!!

    • says

      Some of mine are less than photogenic because we’re in such a hurry! I found that after about a fortnight, it just became something we did. Pack lunches, grab the hat, sign forms, take mum’s pic, in the car.

  10. says

    Great post. I pretty much have the same hairstyle and makeup routine as you!! Oh and I love your everyday style posts. I think the fashion bloggers I love best are those ones that take regular, everyday, budget-friendly clothing items and team them together to make great outfits.

  11. says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love your style. In fact the other day I nearly bought a hat cause it’s one like I’ve seen you wear, and then I though that might be too stalker like, so I didn’t. I’ll back away slowly now.

  12. says

    This post is super cute and so are you! I believe fashion can work from the outside in and affect how we feel. It seems superficial but it goes much deeper than we care to admit. On days when I get out of the sweat-pants I definitely get out and do more with Lavinia. Finding a ‘Mom Style’ is challenging but important-I’m still figuring mine out. You’ve definitely inspired me to get dressed!

    • says

      Thanks Dawn! Agree – the better I think I look, even if it’s all in my head, the better I feel about myself. Shallow, whatever. It’s how it works. I’m glad I’ve motivated you to move on from naked! Ha!

  13. says

    I absolutely love your style. It’s practical, wearable and funky all at the same time. You’re rockin’ it always. I do #everydaystyle for the same reasons as you. (Your post actually convinced me to do it). I am hopeless at ‘putting an outfit together’ and rarely accessorise either, but I love doing #everydaystyle because I now make more of an effort with what I’m wearing especially on those days at home.

  14. says

    You really made me chuckle … but you look like a natural beauty and just beautiful in all that you wear. Keep up the good work and please keep us giggling too :)

  15. says

    I’m a style blogger and a beauty blogger who also blogs about life and family and recipes for people who can’t cook and life hacks and whatever else Kimba Likes!

    Thank you for including me. I love the whole philosophy behind #everydaystyle and how literally taking a photo of what you wear every day can make such a difference. It doesn’t matter that it’s the same thing almost every day or if it’s brand new gear every week; if it’s designer or chain store; or if it’s frocks and heels or exercise gear and trainers.

    It really does make you take a few moments every day for yourself. It also kinda inspired #kimbalikesdailytreats. X

  16. says

    From a fellow “can only do two-things with my hair” blogger – I love seeing your everyday style each day Em. I think you look great and I find myself regularly admiring your hat collection :)

  17. says

    Bahhahhahhahha! You are MY kind of beauty and fashion blogger. I thought I was the only woman in the world with less items in my makeup kit than digits on my right hand. That was, until my mother bought me some Avon lipgloss and bronzing beads for Christmas. That shit is da’ bomb.

  18. says

    I too am not a fashion or style blogger for all the reasons you just mentioned. In fact this may (or may not) surprise you but your make up collection is three items larger than mine.

    Leaving some belated fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  19. says

    You have the perfect body to be a fashion blogger Emily. Stumpy legs??? What? I have four makeup items. The same as yours but with lipstick. I wear that every day.

    • Emily says

      I know, the stumpy legs thing is hard to believe, but they are short for my height. I’m 5’10” and my legs are the same length as my friend who is 5’6″. I have a very long torso.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Lydia. I think I’m just a realistic clothes Instagrammer. Plenty of other things to blog about instead.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Bec! Yes, now where exactly can I find some drop crutch denim pants with material waist and cuffs?!

  20. says

    My fashion care factor is pretty minimal too, but I really loved your post about why you wanted to do Everyday Style – and I love this one too. It’s a slippery slope from ‘I’m not a slave to fashion’ to ‘I’m just going to wear my tracksuit pants every day’ – especially if you work from home like I do. I like the fact that you are ‘making an effort’ but doing it on your own terms. :)

    • Emily says

      Thanks Lara. I honestly didn’t understand why so many people participated, but it makes such a difference knowing that you’re going to take a pic of what you wear every day. Even if you don’t get around to actually taking it and sharing it!

    • Emily says

      Thanks Di! Yes, I have a lot to learn. What I should really have written at point two is that I just have no idea what to do with most items. None whatsoever.

  21. says

    Love it! It’s so me! Mind you, you are WORKING some of those fashion shots like a pro, Em. The ‘head down demure hand in hair slight pidge’ stripey dress shot is a classic fash blogger pose and you have got it ALL going on. x

    • Emily says

      Thanks Bron! But that particular shot was nothing at all like that. Without one word of a lie, I can tell you that that pose is actually one of ‘OH MY GOODNESS THE PAIN THE NON-RELENTING PAIN MAKE IT STOP’. Had some major PKD problems that day. x

  22. says

    Hi Em, Very funny post – and I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I have a few more cosmetics in my drawers but am with you re the rest…except maybe the hat business. I don’t seem to be able to carry them off!

    • Emily says

      Thanks Lisa! I bought a three-pack of nail polish on the weekend, doubling my beauty collection. Exciting times!

  23. says

    I think you have more style than you give yourself credit for! I love seeing your everyday style pics in my newsfeed because you’re proving that you don’t have to spend your entire pay packet to look good.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Tegan. I have a weakness for Review, but apart from that most items in my wardrobe are from Kmart, Target, Big W and the like.

  24. says

    What a great post, thanks for the laugh. I wouldn’t have a clue with fashion either. like make-up, but don’t have much time to apply it. Accessories – got loads of them, but kids and jangly things really don’t work. You look pretty good to me in all those photos! Sometimes keeping things simple comes off as effortless fashion-sense, so I say keep doing what you’re doing. x

    • Emily says

      I don’t even like make-up. I think that’s why I’ve never persevered with it. And thank you. That’s lovely. x

  25. says

    “I call it laundry day!” Best!!

    And well, as you know, my two-year-old daughter also has about 7 million times more fashion sense and style than me … so feel your pain there (my stylish-even-if-she-thinks-she’s-not-a-fashion-blogger friend)

    • Emily says

      Oh how I love your daughter’s style pics! Undies as headwear would be my fave so far, but I’m sure she’ll top it!!

  26. says

    You are seriously both gorgeous and hilarious – an awesome combination. I have no idea about fashion or beauty and although I love experimenting, I would so suck as a fashion blogger. I too am far too self conscious in front of the camera. I never know what to do with my damn arms lol xx

    • Emily says

      Neither do I as you can see at the end – doesn’t help that I can (and often do) hyperextend my elbows!

  27. says

    I love your #everydaystyle pics, I’m constantly amazed that you even find the time to take the pic!!! I love fashion & would love “fashion blogging” as my niche, but to be honest, I’m too lazy!!!!! xx


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