If I only had some grace

Ever wondered what song you’d sing if you met Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road?

If I Only Had a Brain? If I Only Had a Heart? If I Only Had the Nerve? Or something else entirely?

I don’t wonder. I know. And now, I’m singing it for you. And playing piano. (This is the first time I’ve ever played and sang at the same time. And you can tell. Apologies. Apologies also for the mess behind me. As you can see, I tried to hide it!)


Here is If I Only Had Some Grace. Without choreography. We’d never make it to the Emerald City if I tried to dance.


I could walk from here to there
And any-bloody-where
Without an ankle brace

I could walk in the dirt
Without fear of getting hurt
If I only had some grace

I could walk on a flat surface
With intent and purpose
Faster than snail pace

I could run through the grass
Without falling on my backside
If I only had some grace

Picture me
Graceful as can be
Dancing just for you
A leotard, a tutu
A pirouette – no sweat!

I could open a kitchen cupboard
Like old Mother Hubbard
Without smashing my face

I could play a game of netball
Without having a big fall
If I only had some grace

I could be injury-free
With my original knee*
If I only had some grace


*Artistic license used here. I’ve injured my knee plenty of times, including a posterior cruciate ligament tear that coincided with the start of pregnancy [FUN!], but I’ve not actually had a reconstruction.

(This is the third post using a writing prompt I received from a writing group in December. The prompt ‘moving’ became an ode to bovine boot camp in Hoof camp. The prompt ‘summer’ became a love poem (of sorts) in I knew a love. And now, the prompt ‘if only’ has become a song.)


What would you do with the writing prompt ‘if only’? And what would your song be if you met Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road?


  1. says

    You are extraordinarily talented. You must do something with this skill….I will be on the prowl for you to find somewhere for you to showcase this…stay tuned (beyond your blog, obvs)

    • Emily says

      See, I would call ‘talented’ a stretch, let alone ‘extraordinarily’, but I’ll take it. Thanks! This skill is used often for the kids. That’s enough for me 😉

  2. says

    OMG you know who you remind me of? TINA FEY. Your style of humour is so much like hers and you even freaking LOOK like her. She is magnificent and so are you. I love that you are brave enough to do stuff that the mere thought of has me shitting my pants in the corner. I never know what to expect when I come here!

    • Emily says

      Yep, my knees definitely cop the brunt of my uncoordination more often than any other body part. Although my ankles give it a good crack, too! Real cracks.

    • Emily says

      Ha, yes he chimed in at just the right time, didn’t he? He’s a little superstar in the making!

    • Emily says

      The choreography would look much like Scarecrow’s. Lots of falling down. But less gracefully, obviously.

    • Emily says

      Thank you. (And yes they do. And I can hear them in this clip. Why are we always our own worst critic?)

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