I knew a love (a writing exercise)

You may remember that in December, I joined a writing group and received some writing prompts.

Then again, you may not, because I haven’t posted anything resulting from those prompts since Hoof camp in January.

Well, I got some writing going again on the weekend. Just a short, sharp snippet using one of the prompts (to get the words flowing again during a case of corporate client writer’s block).

What was the prompt? All will be revealed at the end. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy I knew a love.


I knew a love so warm and bright.
I met her on a sunny night.

She kept me warm as the sun did set;
As the night wore on, it got hotter yet.

She woke me in the early hours;
I heard the birds among the flowers.

But now she’s gone, and the sky is grey.
Why did she have to go away?

I knew a love, and it was true.

Oh Summer, my love, how I miss you.


What would you do with the writing prompt Summer? I’d love to read it!


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      So great to meet you! The jumpsuit was a bust (as I thought it would be) so I’m going with an old faithful dress instead. Will share tomorrow. x

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      Thanks Jess. I usually love winter, but it’s nicer to slide in gently rather than dive in headfirst as has happened this year! It’s still May, for crying out loud!

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    Very clever piece of work, Em! hou know what would be awesome? A dinner party where everyone had to write a piece of poetry based on a prompt. This one would be a winner! x

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    As I was reading this I was thinking how cool would it be if these were song lyrics?! I was thinking Summer was a girl’s name. I was a bit slow to cotton on to the whole “season” thing. It’s been a long weekend and I’m jacked up on cold and flu tablets…

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