Rudie Nudie – Emma Quay (book review)

A little over two years ago, I shared our family’s favourite books.

The top twelve. The shining lights in our library.

The list hasn’t changed much since then. It’s just grown. We’d now have to add The Worst Princess, The Magic Faraway Tree series and Bears in the Night, just to name a few.

But I don’t think I could bring myself to remove many from the list. And Rudie Nudie would definitely keep its place.

Rudie Nudie / Emma Quay

(ABC Books, 2011)


I will never get sick of this book. Ever.

Rudie Nudie is a rollicking, rhyming, rhythmical read that is also, fittingly, alliterative on the first page. The stars of the book, young siblings, celebrate the end of bathtime with a series of Rudie Nudie shenanigans.

They run. They jump. They somersault. They dance. They head outside and do Rudie Nudie runs in the backyard.

I love the incorporation of nursery rhymes and dance moves. I love the constant squeezes and cuddles (Rudie Nudie is a great resource for anyone compiling a thesaurus entry for ‘hug’). I love the use of ‘jarmies’ at the end, marking the book as unmistakably Australian.

And I loooove the illustrations.


Of course, more than anything else, I love the Rudie Nudieness. My kids love to get nekked and run around – whether or not they’ve just had a bath! – and Emma Quay has perfectly captured that cheekiness exhibited by toddlers who love to get their gear off.

Highly recommended for all lovers of wonderful writing, quirky stories, beautiful illustrations and Rudie Nudieness. You can purchase Rudie Nudie from Booktopia here, or from Book Depository here.


Have you read Rudie Nudie? What did you think?


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