Top web reads of October


October has been a rollercoaster. The biggest news to come out of it for me? I have a new job! I'm due to start in December, and so will spend November winding up my clients, hitting the last of the deadlines to which I've committed and preparing ...

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Top web reads of August


August. Bendigo Writers Festival. Birthday parties. 100 days of prep celebration. School fundraising event. Writing course. Writing competitions. Writing opportunities. And even a job opportunity. Decisions, decisions. What else? Reading, of ...

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Top web reads of June


June 2016. Highs and lows. More highs than lows, and I'd list them all here, but I'm flat. Two of the biggest energy-sapping, mood-destroying lows have happened since Monday, and I. Just. Can't. Be. Up. Right. Now. On that cheery note, let's jump ...

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Top web reads of May


What a month! Mother's Day. My birthday. Preparation for the birthday shenanigans of a certain little Miss. Budget night. Ongoing budget comms. End of financial year prep. Eurovision. Musicals. MADNESS. But madness of the ...

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Top web reads of April


Nobody panic, but it's the last day of April already. IT'S THE LAST DAY OF APRIL. ALREADY. Holy time machine, Batman. We've had a lovely month. School holidays, little man's birthday, school shenanigans, birthday parties and the ...

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Youse pedants are gonna love this post


I was recently discussing pronouns with a close friend. (Don't you just wish you were my friend? Constant conversational parties around here. PRONOUNS. WOOT.) It started with a discussion of gender-neutral third person singular pronouns - ...

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Rudie Nudie – Emma Quay (book review)


A little over two years ago, I shared our family's favourite books. The top twelve. The shining lights in our library. The list hasn't changed much since then. It's just grown. We'd now have to add The Worst Princess, The Magic Faraway Tree ...

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Top web reads of January


It felt like every blog post, Facebook status update and tweet I read in December 2015 was about wanting to slow down in 2016. I'd like that too. Bring that on. In February. Because January wasn't the month for it! We've been to the beach, ...

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Top web reads of December


Oh, what a month! This busy December of 2015! A time to party, wrap, prepare and clean ... As I remember, what a month! I don't know about you, but for us, December seemed to simultaneously drag and fly by. Christmas parties. End of year ...

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Top web reads of November


Hello, November! And goodbye! For our family, November saw lots of dancing lessons and our daughter's first dance concert. It saw a blogging event and a meeting with Lah-Lah. It saw the discovery of MEGA-SIZED LINDT LINDOR, lots of cuddles, lots ...

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