2016’s greatest hits


It is nearly the end of December. It is nearly the end of December. One more time for the people up the back: IT IS NEARLY THE END OF DECEMBER. Holy cow. What a year, huh? The world went nuts. NUTS. Satirists and comedians had a great ...

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Top web reads of September


September was huge in the Hawker household. HUGE! The Bupa Blog Awards. The ProBlogger conference. A skiing trip. School holidays. My six-year-old's third foray into styling. Movie trips. Days at the park. Job interviews. Lots of stuff. Lots of ...

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Blogging for blogging’s sake


It's weird, that post title. Blogging for blogging's sake. It's completely open to interpretation. You can read it negatively: it could mean that you're just showing up because that's what's expected. Punching in, publishing a new post, punching ...

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Oh, the Blogs You’ll Blog!


Congratulations! You've started a blog. You're ready to web-schmooze and work like a dog! You have brains in your head, and a bum on your chair. You can steer your blog any direction you care. You're at your computer, and you know the ...

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Reflecting on 2015


Warning: self-indulgence ahead. Still here? Fabulous! But don't say I didn't warn you. This time last year, I reflected on the year that was. My 'greatest hits' of the year, by month, in reverse order. And it was a lovely way to round out the ...

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Blog awards season


I won an award! It wasn't for colouring in (I just had no idea what picture to use for this post). It wasn't an Academy Award (although if those who vote for the Oscars could hear the voices I put on while reading stories to my kids, I'd be a ...

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Top web reads of April


Little man's birthday. Easter. Holiday. New client with 10+ hours of work per week. Sicknesses and snuffles. Let's just say that April was another big'un around these parts. So I've scaled back the top web reads. Partly because I've not ...

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