2016’s greatest hits


It is nearly the end of December. It is nearly the end of December. One more time for the people up the back: IT IS NEARLY THE END OF DECEMBER. Holy cow. What a year, huh? The world went nuts. NUTS. Satirists and comedians had a great ...

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Top web reads of June


June 2016. Highs and lows. More highs than lows, and I'd list them all here, but I'm flat. Two of the biggest energy-sapping, mood-destroying lows have happened since Monday, and I. Just. Can't. Be. Up. Right. Now. On that cheery note, let's jump ...

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You’re doing grief wrong


"You're doing grief wrong." No-one has ever said this to me. Not directly. And I hope that no-one has ever said it to you, either. But I have a question for those of you who have grieved: have you ever felt like this is what others are ...

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Reflecting on 2015


Warning: self-indulgence ahead. Still here? Fabulous! But don't say I didn't warn you. This time last year, I reflected on the year that was. My 'greatest hits' of the year, by month, in reverse order. And it was a lovely way to round out the ...

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(Image source: Jean Jullien - Facebook - Instagram) I'm feeling a lot of things at the moment. I'm feeling shock that there are people in the world who think so little of human life. I'm feeling grief for the victims of the terrorist ...

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Boy, Lost – Kristina Olsson (book review)


In August, I went to the Bendigo Writers Festival and had a wonderful time. I thought I would enjoy it and get a bit from it, but my expectations were exceeded. Twice over. One of the sessions I attended was titled On Grieving. As someone who has ...

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Untabooing grief


This week, my family celebrates the 20th anniversary of my father's death. Did that sentence make you feel uncomfortable? Me too. They're not the right words, are they? Celebrates. Anniversary. But the problem is, there ARE no right words. We are ...

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