Top web reads of October


October has been a rollercoaster. The biggest news to come out of it for me? I have a new job! I'm due to start in December, and so will spend November winding up my clients, hitting the last of the deadlines to which I've committed and preparing ...

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Top web reads of April


Nobody panic, but it's the last day of April already. IT'S THE LAST DAY OF APRIL. ALREADY. Holy time machine, Batman. We've had a lovely month. School holidays, little man's birthday, school shenanigans, birthday parties and the ...

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Youse pedants are gonna love this post


I was recently discussing pronouns with a close friend. (Don't you just wish you were my friend? Constant conversational parties around here. PRONOUNS. WOOT.) It started with a discussion of gender-neutral third person singular pronouns - ...

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