Top web reads of October


October has been a rollercoaster. The biggest news to come out of it for me? I have a new job! I'm due to start in December, and so will spend November winding up my clients, hitting the last of the deadlines to which I've committed and preparing ...

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Top web reads of February


February. One child started school. The other got used to not having his big sister around all day. And this mum rediscovered what it's like to be one child's main source of entertainment. It's been a month of new experiences. It's been a month of ...

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Top web reads of April


Little man's birthday. Easter. Holiday. New client with 10+ hours of work per week. Sicknesses and snuffles. Let's just say that April was another big'un around these parts. So I've scaled back the top web reads. Partly because I've not ...

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Top web reads of June

It's the last day of June. The end of the 2013/14 financial year. The midpoint of the year.SLOW DOWN, 2014. Why are you in such a hurry?And why do I feel old typing that sentence?I digress. It's time for my monthly wrap of web reads worth reading. I ...

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Top web reads of March


So... my little 'top web reads of the week' experiment earlier this year didn't go so well.Some weeks I read a lot, and struggled to keep the list short. Other weeks I didn't read at all, and had nothing to share.So I decided to make it a monthly ...

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