Top web reads of November


You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a quiet November around here. It certainly was on the blog. But it was the opposite in my real-life actual real life. It's been a month full of writing, invoicing, finalising clients, Christmas shopping, ...

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Top web reads of October


October has been a rollercoaster. The biggest news to come out of it for me? I have a new job! I'm due to start in December, and so will spend November winding up my clients, hitting the last of the deadlines to which I've committed and preparing ...

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Top web reads of September


September was huge in the Hawker household. HUGE! The Bupa Blog Awards. The ProBlogger conference. A skiing trip. School holidays. My six-year-old's third foray into styling. Movie trips. Days at the park. Job interviews. Lots of stuff. Lots of ...

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Top web reads of August


August. Bendigo Writers Festival. Birthday parties. 100 days of prep celebration. School fundraising event. Writing course. Writing competitions. Writing opportunities. And even a job opportunity. Decisions, decisions. What else? Reading, of ...

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Top web reads of July


Bye July! I won't miss you. Don't get me wrong. We've had some fun this month. But I've been fighting this chest infection since June. I've had antibiotics. More than once. I've had bedrest. As much as I can. I've tried to take care of myself. ...

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Top web reads of February


February. One child started school. The other got used to not having his big sister around all day. And this mum rediscovered what it's like to be one child's main source of entertainment. It's been a month of new experiences. It's been a month of ...

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