Photos of my family

Can you do me a favour? Can you please pretend I’ve written a lovely, heart-warming introduction to this post?

Perhaps it would be something about the importance of family photos and capturing your family as the kids grow older. Perhaps something about how finding the right photographer is the difference between stiff, posed photos and natural grins, cuddles and love.

Something that means I can pretend this post is about more than just sharing a bunch of family photos with you because ZOMG how cute are my kids?!

Oops. Too late.

Without further ado, here are some of our recent family photos, with thanks to Aver & Line. (Not sponsored. Not gifted. Just appreciated.)











When did you last have family photos taken?


  1. says

    Awww that is such a lovely set of photos of a very special and wonderful family. Made me very happy just looking! And I also said ‘awwww.’ Love this so much! You must be very proud of yourselves..made two great kids!! And you’re not too bad yourselves… Love, D xx

  2. says

    Oh these are so gorgeous! I love the idea of an outdoor photo shoot. I’ve been thinking of getting some professional shots of our little family but the thought of trying to get my kids to sit still and smile for the camera in a studio fills me with absolute horror.

    • Emily says

      No studio required if you get the right weather! We had exactly 15 minutes with the photographer. I am so surprised at how quickly the kids warmed up to her.

  3. says

    They’re gorgeous photos Em and I love how much you adore your kids and your munchkin comments when you share pics. I know kids can be frustrating but there are some who seemingly do nothing but whinge about their kids and… as someone who wasn’t able to have kids it frustrates me that they rarely acknowledge what a gift they are. (Sometimes, I realise.)

  4. says

    Gorgeous photos, Em. Beautiful, natural smiles. It’s definitely important to find a good photographer that you click with, especially one who is also good with kids. For me, I think that’s my biggest strength, I pride myself on getting even the most reluctant kids to relax in front of the camera, it’s certainly a challenge and takes lots of patience!

  5. says

    Em!!!! These are gorgeous! Your kids are very photogenic. Your son reminds me so much of my brother at the same age. He had gorgeous red hair then too, now it’s become quite brown, but I loved it the colour it was. We are about to have new family photos done as my 20 year is off to live in the UK next year. Our last family photos of sorts.

  6. says

    Gorgeous pics Em! We went on a family holiday to Port Douglas earlier this year and I arranged to have family photos taken while we were there. I’m in love with those photos and plan to do the same for any future holidays…it’s such a nice way to not only capture our family in time but remember the holiday too

  7. says

    Oh my Gosh!! Serious cute!! Love those big gorgeous smiles and the red hair!!! Ahh I’ve always been a fan of redheads. We had family photos a year or so ago and are just getting them on canvas now for Christmas!

    • Emily says

      That’s so cool! We just got some old ones on canvas, so will get a few of these ones done and hang them all up together!

    • Emily says

      Thank you Bron! I love them too. Wish hubster and I had thought to ask for one of just us two, though. But then life’s a bit that way sometimes! All family, no couple time!

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