Top web reads of November


You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a quiet November around here. It certainly was on the blog.

But it was the opposite in my real-life actual real life. It’s been a month full of writing, invoicing, finalising clients, Christmas shopping, reorganising the house, spring cleaning, and anything else you can think of in preparation for my return to the corporate world of work next week.

Not to mention two bouts of gastro. To which I responded with equal parts “WHY ME?!?!” and “THANK GOODNESS this isn’t happening next month!” (Touch wood.)

At least it didn’t give the butterflies time to develop. But don’t worry. They’re due any day now.

I might have been busy, but I still managed to read things on the interweb. And here are some of the standouts for your enjoyment.

Language and writing

Word of the Year 2016 is…

It’s been a big month for Word of the Year announcements. Here’s one from Oxford Dictionaries (complete with shortlist)…

Word of the Year 2016

… and here’s the selection from Collins Dictionary (with a few shortlisted entries, and a link to the full shortlist).

I’d like to think that when Macquarie Dictionary announces its Word of the Year next year (oh, the novelty of waiting until the year is finished before deciding which word will define it!), it’ll be #CrowdedHouseLive. Some positivity, please, universe!

It’s all in the wording: ‘Arrival’ raises profile of linguists, making them almost cool.

‘Almost’ cool? Almost?! Linguists are totes cool! Yes, this is sorta kinda a movie review, but it’s also an interesting read for linguists to see how the characters came to be, and the input actual linguists had into creating a Hollywood version. And non-linguists may enjoy the introduction to what linguists might consider, and the ever-present reminder that linguist is not a synonym for translator.


Snort. All Things Linguistic has collated some of the funniest tweets from the (relatively) recent trending hashtag #SpookyTalesForLinguists.

Food for thought

It’s In The Bag

Share the Dignity is a great cause, and this year Amy from Handbagmafia introduced me to It’s In The Bag, their Christmas campaign encouraging people to donate handbags full of useful (and fun!) items. These will be given to women in shelters and refuges at Christmas time. Donations are open until Saturday – visit Amy’s post for details of what to include, and where to leave your donation!

Oh Fuck

Pardon the swearing. But if that little word up there offends you, please don’t click through. Spoiler alert: there’s more. This is what satirists are left with when Donald J. Trump wins the US election. (Can you believe that was only three weeks ago?)

Shameless self-promotion

21 Children’s Characters Who Wear Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses for most of my life, and had a ball putting together this gallery for Mumtastic. Sure, there are some obvious inclusions (Harry Potter and Clark Kent, anyone?), but I like to think there are a few surprises in there, too.

12 Bloggers of Christmas – emhawkerblog

Have you met the gorgeous ladies of Champagne Cartel? If not, hop to it. Start here, with my top picks from the Champagne Cartel shop.

12 Bloggers of Christmas

Then jump over to the blog for laughs, style, bubbles and all of the feels.


That’s what caught my eye on the interweb this month. What were your top web reads of November?


  1. says

    Loved your pics in the Champagne Cartel shop and I loved having a sneak peek in your (it’s in the bag) bag – such an awesome initiative! And I loved the 21 children’s characters with glasses, it was so fun to see some of my favourites. Here’s to a December to remember for all the right reasons!

    • says

      I ended up doing two bags and had a lot of fun. It was interesting how different I decided to make them – sunnies and socks and hankies in the second one.

  2. says

    I haven’t seen Arrival but I’m more interested in going along after reading that article about linguists. It’s good to know they actually consulted with a linguist in the making of the film, even if that didn’t get rid of all the slightly wrong references the producers insisted on!

    • says

      Yes, well entertainment and appeal just has to trump realism sometimes. I get it. I’m not a huge fan of Jeremy Renner but might go see it anyway. If I get a chance – I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies!

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