Top web reads of October


October has been a rollercoaster. The biggest news to come out of it for me? I have a new job! I’m due to start in December, and so will spend November winding up my clients, hitting the last of the deadlines to which I’ve committed and preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically (suits! I need suits!) for a return to corporate work life.

Aside from that, our little family has been keeping on keeping on. Dress-up days, birthday parties, cuddles, fun, shenanigans…

And reading. Here are my top picks for this month.

Language and writing

Crimes of grammar and other writing misdemeanours

This piece from Roslyn Petelin for The Conversation is lots of fun. A quick observation on the (un)ruliness of rules and language’s propensity for constant change then leads into her top eight word crimes.

Y’all, You’uns, Yinz, Youse: How Regional Dialects Are Fixing Standard English

Youse guys know how much I love a discussion about youse! So here’s a recent one from the US on the need for a second person plural pronoun that isn’t the same as the second person singular.

4 Changes to English So Subtle We Hardly Notice They’re Happening

Language change is constant, and language change is often subtle. This piece outlines four such changes currently taking place in the English language.

Helping kids to find their Writing Superpower: by Allison Tait

I’ve linked to Allison’s words before, and will no doubt do so again. This month, I’m sharing a guest post she’s written for Deborah McCallum, about the 10 superpowers that writers can have, and how each and every child has (or can develop) at least one of them. Identifying it can help them develop confidence in – and passion for – their writing.

Food for thought

Are You Sure That’s What You Think? Fast Psychological Facts About Opinions

October was interesting around the blogging traps on the interweb. And this article from Ellen of Potential Psychology fame was a fabulous result. Trolls, kings, queens and sneetches all get a run in this overview of social forces driving our behaviour.

Why it’s Easier to Talk to Non-Americans About the US Election

A dear friend of mine is from the US, and has been living in Australia for seven years. Earlier this month, Dawn shared on Kangaroo Spotting what it was like to discuss the current election shenanigans with people here versus with her friends and family back in the US. It’s an interesting (and, for her, disheartening) read.

I’m sorry my political correctness is getting in the way of your racism

The headline says it all. A great read from Ben McLeay for SBS Comedy.

Shameless self-promotion

The Importance of Meal-Planning

Another month, another Facebook Live for Mumtastic. This time, I spoke about meal planning. And revealed waaaaay too many secrets at the end! #EmilyforOscars2017 #VoteNow


That’s what caught my eye on the interweb this month. What were your top web reads of October?


    • Emily says

      I agree. But I’m also aware that it comes very easily to me. Hence my little tips and tricks from time to time!

  1. says

    The one upside to me being offline so much in October, I completely missed all the negativity going around, especially the mummy wars and the election.

    Super excited to hear your news. I really hope the new job goes well. It’s been almost 20 years since I was in the corporate world myself. I imagine the wardrobe and style of clothing has changed a lot since then.

    • Emily says

      I’m glad you like youse! While I’m not sold on the word, I like its purpose, and I think its development is so interesting. We’re a clever lot, really!

    • Emily says

      Thank you! Let’s see how I feel when the Christmas break rolls around. I predict exhaustion. But hopefully with a lot of enjoyment and butt-kicking mixed in.

    • Emily says

      You have already said so! Thanks for your support. Yep, I could have shared quite a few #idratherbeme posts this month, but Ellen’s was a real standout.

  2. says

    Congrats on the new job clever girl! Do me a favour and spend a few days relaxing on the couch. I didn’t do this enough before I went back to work lol!!!! Some great reads here Em! I love the super hero writing powers especially x

  3. says

    I hadn’t seen that article about subtle shifts in english – I like it! I loved Allison’s article too, and sent it onto my kids’ school (they do love it – I’m sure – when I ply them with suggested approaches to teaching. At least, they tell me they do!) Such good news about your job, too (but enjoy the time before it starts) x

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