Top web reads of September


September was huge in the Hawker household. HUGE!

The Bupa Blog Awards. The ProBlogger conference. A skiing trip. School holidays. My six-year-old’s third foray into styling. Movie trips. Days at the park. Job interviews.

Lots of stuff. Lots of events. Lots of nerves.

And a bit of reading. Here are the reads that stood out for me this month.

Family and life

Work and life and living

In June, Maxabella loves wrote a post about how ‘having it all’ isn’t all that great. This month, she revisited the post and expanded on it. Actually, she drilled down into it to discuss society’s views of mothers and fathers, work as part of life instead of work vs life, and constantly chasing those gold stars. Fab read.

Language and writing

Dashing Through

This delightful (and intentionally painful) read from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses the em-dash. Specifically, it discusses how its use is important, and that its overuse – while not necessarily wrong – can detract from that importance.

Grammar! It’s the bestest!

linguistlaura loves grammar and language. I love linguistlaura. And I especially love this post from earlier in the year. It’s the bestest!

“Gossip”: a baptism by etymology?

This is a great read (once you get past the Brad and Ange stuff at the start). A brief etymology of the word ‘gossip’, with lots of little nuggets along the way that will have you thinking of related words, too. (And if you enjoy the read, look around mashed radish for more of the same.)

Food for thought

The One Reason Your Amazing Blog Post Hasn’t Gone Viral (and 8 Things You Can Do About It)

No explanation needed. This post by Kelly Exeter for ProBlogger does what it says on the box. Future viralityness guaranteed. (If your content is up to par, of course!)

Shameless self-promotion

How I Stop Yelling at the Kids (Mostly)

I wrote this for Mumtastic this month. And you might recognise bits of it, because it’s a reworking of something similar I wrote for this very blog.

What you won’t recognise is this Facebook Live video I did supporting it. Live. On Facebook Live. Did I mention it was live? GAH. Thanks for having me, Mumtastic. Here’s hoping you want me back someday!

Please Don’t Say These Things to my Kids

I also wrote this for Mumtastic this month. It was an EMTASTIC month! (Yes, you can groan. I already have. That’s why I don’t write comedy.)


That’s what caught my eye on the interweb this month. What were your top web reads of September?


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      It depends why you’re going viral! It’s a great read – good tips in there whether you want viralityness (technical term) or not.

  1. says

    I almost started doing some editing stuff for a small company a couple of years ago and got some info from them and realised I knew little about the ’em’ and the ‘en’ dash. Not to mention how to get the two different dashes to appear via keyboards.

    I’m a huge overuser of the dash!

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    Very busy month for you, lovely lady! Can’t believe how much your little ones have grown! Will be checking out your Mumtastic articles…especially the one about how not to scream at the kids!!!

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