Top web reads of August


August. Bendigo Writers Festival. Birthday parties. 100 days of prep celebration. School fundraising event. Writing course. Writing competitions. Writing opportunities. And even a job opportunity.

Decisions, decisions.

What else? Reading, of course. Here are the web reads that caught my eye this month.

Family and life

5 Moments To Smile At A Parent

This is a lovely post from The Baby Vine. The general rule: replace potential moments of judgement with actual moments of support and encouragement.

Language and writing

Australian National Dictionary: Bogans, battered savs and captain’s picks earn spot in collection

The second edition of the Australian National Dictionary was released this month. The first edition was released in 1988, so there are a LOT of new words and phrases in there! This article lists a lot of them; my favourites are fairy bread, chocolate crackles, carrying on like a pork chop, and doing a Bradbury.

What makes a word beautiful or ugly?

I love this read from Readability. Some words sound beautiful, but represent awful things. Other words sound hideous, but describe something beautiful. Why do some words work, and others don’t? And how do we put them all together to create beautiful sentences?

The post offers a few answers, but the real fun is in pondering the questions, and in the delightful examples given. It’s a real treat.

What should we call ‘Grammar Nazis’?

This isn’t a new post, but it’s an important one. I strongly dislike the term ‘Grammar Nazi’, and always have. So when I copped the term a few times this month (in one instance, bizarrely, in response to my suggestion that the meaning of literally has already shifted and policing its use is a lost cause), I went a-searching. I found that Stan Carey expressed my dislike of the term perfectly in this post from last December. And he even made a few new suggestions. (The comments are worth a read, too.)

Food for thought

The epidemic of rape culture in schools can no longer be ignored

I’m not going to bang on about the school pornography ring shemozzle. I’m just going to say that the girls are NOT AT ALL TO BLAME, that consent is the big issue here, and that this piece by Clementine Ford for Daily Life is a must-read piece on the issue.

Dear White People Who Defend Blackface…

Brilliant post from Amy Ahearn of Handbagmafia fame. The crux of it: if you know that blackface is going to offend people, and you do it anyway, you’re a dick. Just don’t do it.

Why my migraine is not the same as your headache

This post does what it says on the box. Hopefully you can read what it says on the box. If you can’t because the edges of your vision is shimmering, act now. If you’re anything like me, the migraine’s already on its way.

Shameless self-promotion

Why I Refuse to Feel Guilty About Mum Guilt

I was back at Mumtastic this month with a confession about mum guilt. Specifically, that I feel it, that I’ll keep feeling it, and that I’m done apologising for feeling it.

Somehow, accepting that guilt is a part of my life now is like a weight off my shoulders. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?


That’s what caught my eye on the interwebs this month. What were your top web reads of August?


    • Hugzilla says

      Oh dude, I read this already. This is from July 29 soooo, you know…. I’m not going to point out that you made a mistake here. Oh wait… I just did.

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