Top web reads of November

Hello, November! And goodbye!

For our family, November saw lots of dancing lessons and our daughter’s first dance concert. It saw a blogging event and a meeting with Lah-Lah. It saw the discovery of MEGA-SIZED LINDT LINDOR, lots of cuddles, lots of Christmas prep and lots of fun.

Not so surprisingly, it featured cheesy grins aplenty.


It wasn’t all sunshiney happiness. Obviously, world events were less than happy. And I’m currently weaning myself off crutches after injuring my knee last week. (I was walking in a straight line on a flat surface. I am that talented.)

But the interwebs kicked lots of goals. Here are the ones I came across.

Family and life


Lydia C. Lee from Where the Wild Things Were had an epiphany. It’s about self esteem. And self-awareness. And believing in yourself without being consciously aware of it; without having to try. And Kanye. (Let’s face it: you can’t have a post about self esteem without mentioning Kanye.)

Language and writing

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 is…

I had so many thoughts about Oxford’s Word of the Year announcement that I’ve already blogged them. But if you missed it, or are interested in reading more, check out the original announcement at the Oxford Dictionaries blog.

Verbing Weirds Language, but in a Good Way

I verb. A lot. Earlier this year, I actually asked Susan Butler, editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, if verb as a verb had come across the Macquarie desk yet, and was genuinely surprised when she was genuinely surprised by my question. (Sorry. That’s a weird sentence, but I can’t be bothered unweirding it.)

So I love this piece by Katy Waldman at Slate. It starts with this: “We often think of parts of speech as immutable properties of words, but in some cases noun-ness and verb-ness are more like hair colors: You can switch them up without altering any core meanings.” And it gets even better. Fabulous read.

It’s a wrap: delish unsandwiches and the rise of the non-word

Along those same lines, this Wordplay column from David Astle talks about words, non-words and different categories of non-words. As a former marketeer myself, I both bemoan the overuse of -ify (and the underuse of -ly) and begrudgingly admit to contributing to its popularity with my love of verbification.

Food for thought

Clare Bowditch asks: Where are all the women?

Where indeed? An interesting little thought kickstarter from singer/songwriter/actress/superstar Clare Bowditch on the music industry, awards and women. No answers. Just questions. And thinking music.

Ken Lay address on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Ken Lay gave the keynote address on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Everyone on the planet should read it. More than once. Spread this link far and wide.

Just for laughs

5 signs your husband could be a closet feminist

Hilarity from Rebecca Bowyer at Seeing the Lighter Side. What will you do if it turns out your husband is a – GASP – closet feminist?

Shameless self-promotion

Juggling corporate work, publishing and regional living

This month, I interviewed the owner and editor of GRAM magazine, Jess Hourigan, for beStella. Jess lives in Bendigo, commutes to Melbourne for a full-time job in corporate communications, and manages to run the monthly foodie magazine GRAM in all her spare time.

Grammartistry with Em: let’s talk hyphens, dashes and brackets

This month, I was also back at Flying Solo with the EPIC conclusion to last month’s punctuation post. Feel free to visit to learn about brackets, hyphens, dashes, the ellipsis, and our friends the question mark and the exclamation mark.

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch Channel 9 footage

This month, I had the privilege of attending a Kids Business Bloggers Brunch to meet with other bloggers and brand representatives, and hear from some inspirational speakers. Channel Nine turned up to film the event and get the thoughts of the bloggers and brands in attendance.



That’s what I enjoyed reading on the interweb this month. What were your top web reads of November?


  1. says

    What a wrap up. The only bit I didn’t enjoy was your fall. Boo! Love the writing work you have. So much fun and RIGHT (write) up your alley! Denyse x

  2. says

    What a huge month! I can’t believe your poor knee too!!! I really hope you’re on the mend. I’m interested in your read about the GRAM editor. How on earth does she fit in all in? I better have a read and find out :)

    • says

      Thanks Renee. On the mend, although a half-asleep silly moment last night set the recovery back a bit. GRRR. I hope you read the piece! What did you think?

  3. says

    I loved blogger spotting in that footage and had a good giggle at your hands in the air for all of 1 second (really Channel 9 – how cheesy!). Your little munchkin looked like she was having a fantastic time dancing with Lah Lah and her band too. I really enjoyed Lydia’s post (for some reason I can’t comment on her blog?) and love that quote from Kanye. There’s a smart and very talented guy there behind all the bravado and douchebag antics.

    • says

      Oh, and I was queen of the awkward in that hands in the air bit! That was take five or something like that and I could hear my kids screaming at the other end of the room. Just. Wanted. To. Get. OUT! Ha! Kanye’s got brains. And tabs on himself, sure. But brains.

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