For the first time in two weeks (a song to celebrate the end of school holidays)

The school holidays are over! (In Victoria. Sorry to anyone from a state entering week two of the holidays. Feel free to revisit this post next week.)

I love my kids. I’m a stay-at-home mum. I choose to spend the majority of my time with them, and I am happy with that choice.

But earlier this year, I identified a need to carve out time for myself. My youngest now goes to day care for (not quite) one day per week while his older sister is at kinder. This gives me about six hours during the week to work, write, read and be just-me instead of mum-me.

I didn’t realise how much I rely on that introversion recharge time until this particular school holiday. Possibly because it came on the back of an impromptu family holiday. A super fun holiday, but one that means I’ve had three straight weeks of kids, kids, kids.

We’ve explored. We’ve adventured. We’ve movied and popcorned and played. We’ve read and sung and eaten. We’ve hugged and kissed and tickled. We’ve had fun. And I’ve enjoyed it. I really have.

But I’m exhausted. I am totally, completely and utterly exhausted.


So I dedicate this to every parent who is totally, completely and utterly exhausted right now. I dedicate this to every parent who loves their kids to the moon and back, but is oh-so-glad to see the back of the school holidays.


The couch is empty, so are the chairs
Nobody’s screaming down the stairs
Everything is peaceful and serene

Nobody’s tantrumming about
The colour of the cups I took out
This is my silent kingdom, I’m the queen

There’ll be actual time to do stuff
It’ll be totally strange
WOW! Am I so ready for this change?!

‘Cause for the first time in two weeks
There’ll be writing and me time
For the first time in two weeks
Focusing on me is not a crime

I don’t know if I’m elated or ecstatic
But I’m somewhere in that zone
‘Cause for the first time in two weeks
I’m completely alone


How did you cope with the school holidays? Any verses to add?


    • Emily says

      Oh no! I guess you can sing this one at the start of the holidays instead. “For the first time in ten weeks…”

    • Emily says

      Thanks Mumma McD! Little man still went to care, so it was nice to have a couple of days with not-so-little girl. But definitely ready for alone time!

  1. says

    Hee hee… I always giggle at the beginning and end of school holidays – in the beginning parents are excited about spending time with the kids and by the end they’re ready to hand them back.

    Happy freedom!!!

    Love the song!

    • Emily says

      “Of course, dear. I actually love Disney movies and choose to watch them even when you’re not around.” Ha!

  2. says

    Hahaha! Ohhhh, I’m so glad you said all this out loud. Sometimes I feel like I’m not supposed to be glad when my children go. But, like you, I really need that introverted time. Time without noise, time without someone incessantly needing to be attached to me.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Nadia. I was definitely ready to cop some “How COULD you? How could you say that about your precious children?” flak but only laughter so far! Phew.

  3. says

    Another awesome song Em. That album is looking good. I’m still in the trenches so I’ll be revisiting this next Wednesday when Miss T returns to school. I’m also relieved to know my tornadoes aren’t the only ones who flip out over the “wrong” colour cup!

    • Emily says

      Thanks Tash! And man, the wrong colour can even be just the wrong SHADE of a colour. “I didn’t mean THAT purple cup. I meant the OTHER purple cup!”

    • Emily says

      Oh it’s SO hard – sometimes the to-do list gets so long that it’s paralysing instead of motivating.

  4. says

    Oh, I laughed so hard when I saw this! I was basically doing a Carmen Miranda conga line complete with maracas yesterday when it was time to go back to school. The quiet time is what I have missed the most. I’m relishing in it. Bron x

    • Emily says

      Thanks Zanni! And sorry. Once it’s in there, it’s hard to get out. Even if you sing it all the way through. Ten times.

  5. says

    You clever lady you. Alone time is vital. Between a husband currently working from home and the two kids over school hols I am NEVER alone. Today I drove from Ballarat to Melbourne and back for a. Meeting and a couple of errands. I’m now exhausted but at least I got three hours in the car – ALONE, x

    • Emily says

      Thank you Ellen. Now that I think about, my husband was home in the weeks before the holiday we took, so it’s actually been more like five weeks since I’d had a day to myself. I hope you enjoyed your alone time, too.

  6. says

    I would so press the button and turn if I was sitting on a chair on the Voice.

    I know what you mean. My eldest goes to childcare 2 days a week and those 2 same days my youngest spends time a day each with each set of grandparents. I use that time for me, but mostly cleaning up the home for it to be torn apart again later that day.

    • Emily says

      I love that show! So thanks. But no way!

      I used to spend it cleaning but that wasn’t helping me recharge (surprise surprise!) so I just do that around the kids now. It’s imperfect, but it’ll do!

  7. says

    I hear ya! After spending 7.5 weeks together 24/7 due to our trip and the school holidays, I have had enough (I had enough a long time ago!). Me time is too important to sacrifice!

  8. says

    Love this. I’ll have to listen to it later – am currently trying to get 2 overactive boys to sleep! Alone time is amazing. I’m heading away for a night this weekend without the family and I’m really looking forward to having my own hotel room for the night!

    • Emily says

      That sounds lovely. I know my song is indicative of my children’s ages more than anything else. Just. Needed. A. LEETLE. Break!

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